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Tern PLC

In Demand Marketing is the outsourced marketing function for Tern PLC, an investment house specialising in the IoT sector.


Our first project was a new corporate identity, quickly followed by a new website driven by the HubSpot content management system and harnessing the power of its marketing automation system.


Consistent corporate identity across all materials


As well as the website we did Tern a new logo, stationery, brochure design and provided them with a new corporate guidelines to help with the transition of the new look and feel. Take a look at the site >


A clean, crisp website commensurate with the target market

A clean, crisp, modern looking site with an immensely flexible series of custom modules that we find incredibly straightforward to use when building pages. The HubSpot system showed it’s flexibility yet again, allowing us to easily incorporate an external feed into the website, a legal requirement for the company, which did away with the painful and time consuming system they had previously where they had to manually publish each regulatory news item.


The site was designed to help convert leads into sales ready opportunities using lead nurture and marketing automation techniques, with well optimised blogs, lead capture pages and great downloadable content to help attract more visitors and convert them.


Fresh content updated monthly


We regularly produce blog content, insight guides and update Tern’s social media channels.


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