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Amusement Technical


In Demand Marketing is the outsourced marketing function for Amusement Technical, a technical services and engineering company servicing the theme park industry.


Our first project was a new corporate identity, quickly followed by a new website driven by the HubSpot content management system and harnessing the power of its marketing automation system. 


Website is the hub of all marketing


Built using WordPress with HubSpot supporting the forms, landing pages and blogs. The two work together in harmony to generate leads from the users who found the pages via the relevant organic search results that the responsive setup now affords the site to have. Custom development includes the map on the customer page which shows the diversity of size and location of Amusement Technical’s client base in a more interesting and visual way than a standard listing.


Fresh content updated monthly


We regularly produce blog content, insight guides and update Amusement Technical’s social media channels.


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